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An Open Letter to Patagonia

Almo Nature commends the decision made by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, to "go purpose" instead of going public. It is a bold move, but our planet's survival urgently depends on individuals and organizations to disrupt the status quo that has led to today's environmental crisis.

Patagonia and Almo Nature now share a common purpose: to protect the planet rather than generate wealth for shareholders.

In 2019, Almo Nature's founders, Pier Giovanni and Lorenzo Capellino, transferred their ownership and dividend rights to nonprofit organization, Fondazione Capellino (Capellino Foundation). This action transformed Almo Nature into an instrument of change... one that reintegrates nature with profit instead of taking from nature to increase individual wealth.

We call this business model Reintegration Economy.

A message from Almo Nature founder Pier Giovanni Capellino on Reintegration Economy

Alongside its mission to protect biodiversity and combat climate change, the Foundation promotes Reintegration Economy in hopes that other companies will join us in adopting this or similar business models that put the planet first.

We are elated that Patagonia has become one such company!

Bravo Patagonia! Now we ask, who is next?