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Cat litter: correct management of the litter tray

Cat litter: correct management of the litter tray
It is not only important to know the best way to manage the cat litter tray for our cat's health but also to find possible causes of any  inappropriate elimination practices. 

Elimination: a crucial moment for the cat 

In nature, a cat is both predator and prey. The moment of ‘evacuation' is a time of extreme vulnerability, so where we put the litter tray (or box) is really important.The ideal spot is a quiet place, not a passageway, somewhere isolated and away from the area where the cat eats or sleeps.If we have several cats in the house, we must also allow for the possibility that they may need the litter tray at the same time. The ideal situation is to have at least the number of litter boxes as the number of cats – but the more the merrier! 

Open or closed (litter tray or box)?

There is not a definitive answer because it depends on the preferences of each cat. However, the size of the litter tray or box is very important, it must be large enough to allow your cat to enter, fit in its length and turn around comfortably.If the cat never becomes accustomed to using a closed box, it is better to take the front door off to facilitate his or her entry and to prevent them feeling like prisoner inside. 

How much, and in which way, should we clean the litter tray?

Although there are litters for sale that should last for 21-30 days without being replaced, one of the most common causes of inappropriate elimination is just a lack of care of the litter itself. The litter tray should be cleaned every day, removing both faeces and urine.Depending on the cat litter instructions, the sand needs to be cleaned and replenished with the directed amount at least once per week.These are the 4 phases to cleaning the cat litter:

1) The base

2) The daily clean

3) The refill

4) The monthly clean


Which type of litter to choose?

There are a lot of cat litters on the market. Quite often, we choose perfumed litter not considering that the cat has a sense of smell far more developed than ours and that, in some cases, what, for us, is a pleasant fragrance is an annoying smell for the cat.Even the texture of the grain used as litter has great importance! If we consider that the cat will be digging and walking on the litter, we can easily understand that a granule that is too big, or even the wood chips on the market, can be annoying and irritating for the cat. If you do not have beach sand available, which would be the best for the cat, then we should opt a fine a litter as possible.Finally, to allow the cat to properly express its elimination behaviour, we should put a deep enough layer of litter inside the box for them to comfortably do their business in. 

Cat Litter from Almo Nature: the litter that all cats love!

The new Almo Nature cat litter is designed from a cat's point of view. It does not stick to their paws or fur; is soft under foot and is pleasant to dig.Cat Litter is also designed from the owner's point of view: clumping instantly preventing the spread of odours; the liquid remains trapped on the surface, leaving both the litter tray and the surrounding sand perfectly clean.Cleaning the litter is so easy. Keeping the litter clean means it will always smell and feel fresh for the cat, like on the first use.Cat Litter from Almo Nature is also a friend to the whole family and the environment. Natural and non-toxic, it is produced from vegetable fibres without any additives.

The best cat litter around, try it and see!

cat litter naturale ideale per gatti, Cat Litter from Almo Nature

We'd like to thank Dr. Maria Grazia Calore, Veterinary Surgeon & Expert in Pet Behaviour, for the tips in this article.  However, advice provided at a distance is no substitute to having an expert meet and assess your cat.