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Celebrating the Holidays: what to feed and what not to feed your cat or dog

Celebrating the Holidays: what to feed and what not to feed your cat or dog
The festive period is upon us and as per usual, we’re preparing to celebrate them with lots of good food. If, like us, you consider your fellow cats and dogs as family members and you’re thinking of making them happy with some special treats during this time of year, it's important to stick to their usual food routine and steer clear from any human food. If you want to give them something special, choose something that’s specifically designed for them. 
Many human foods are harmful to animals. You might have heard it before but you can’t hear it enough, especially not if this is the first time you’re celebrating the Holidays with a cat or dog. We’ve compiled a short list with potentially harmful foods, depending on the quantity and your companion’s weight of course:

Onion: ensure animals can’t access the bin and never let them lick anything that was used for cooking with onion
Chocolate: the darker it is, the more toxic it is. This goes for cats as well as dogs
Coffee: toxic for dogs only
Avocado: the fruit as well as the leaves are toxic for dogs and cats
Garlic: best avoided for dogs
Fresh grapes, raisins and sultanas: toxic for dogs only
Macadamia nuts: toxic for dogs only

Keep in mind that every living being is unique, there are many foods that could upset your animal’s stomach or intestines whilst it has no effect on others. It’s important to be vigilant and observant when it comes to the food they eat. If you think your companion has eaten anything that’s unsafe or you want more information on the topic, consult your vet straight away.

If you want your companion to join in on the cheer, be mindful of their feeding routine and avoid giving them any human food. If you want to pamper your animal companion, give them a snack that is tailored to their needs, tastes great and gives them the satisfaction of receiving a small reward.

We’ve developed a range of snacks and biscuits for cats and dogs that helps you provide something special: a treat that’s nutritious and tasty. The confiserie range for dogs consists out of 9 different recipes that are all baked in an artisan patisserie, and only use HFC* ingredients. For cats, we have HFC mini food with salmon, chicken or tuna. We also have the Holistic snack for cats, three tasty treats in one pack, available in chicken and tuna.

Choosing these snacks enables you to give them something special during the Holidays, and any other day, whilst ensuring that the snacks are tailored to their specific nutritional needs.

And what’s more... All profits are used to fund the animal welfare projects by Fondazione Capellino. Find out more about our projects here.

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*HFC means ingredients originally used for human consumption but used in our pet food instead.