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A new life - and a new cat litter – for Kit and Kat

A new life - and a new cat litter – for Kit and Kat
We love hearing from our customers about how our products have changed theirs - and their pet's - lives for the better; and never has this been more true than when the owners of Kit and Kat recently got in touch with a heart-warming story of Kit and Kat's adoption, Kat's medical issues and how Almo Nature's cat litter  CatLitter helped them solve a sticky issue...

From rescue centre to a new forever family

One day Henri went to the shelter. Let's listen to the story in his own words:

I wanted to adopt an adult cat, so one day, I went to the shelter to look for one. As I walked through the facility, I saw several cats .... then a cat approached me. It was Kit, a female cat; she sat down next to me.

I began to stroke her and thought "Ok I'll take her." Only Kit .... but that's when Kat decided to show up! The shelter volunteers told me: "We found them together. They should not be separated". 

'But I was only planning on taking one cat. I got scared, two cats are a lot of work, I thought. I went back home, alone...  I couldn't sleep that night because I felt like Kit & Kat had chosen me. After a sleepless night, I decided: "Ok, two cats can keep each other company" so I went back to the shelter the next day to pick up Kit and Kat.

Cat Litter
Cat Litter CatLitter
Kit and Kat, inseparable!

Kat's health problems

It wasn't long before Henri discovered that Kat had some health issues that led to his stools being very runny and liquid. Henry had bought a litter made from pellets that could conveniently be flushed down the toilet.  However, the pellet litter had several disadvantages: it did not eliminate the smells very well and Kat's liquid stools sunk to the bottom of the tray. Furthermore, the litter did not effectively contain Kat's 'deposits' as it didn't clump, and the product tracked all over the apartment meaning Henri was constantly sweeping up.One day Nathalie, Henri's girlfriend, discovered Almo Nature's cat litter called CatLitter. The product description sounded like a miracle product and just what they needed. After the first use Henri was so impressed, he said to Nathalie: " Your litter is the best. It eliminates smells and absorbs the stools and the urine. I can throw the clumps in the toilet. This is exactly what I wanted!"Henri wrote to us announcing his delight at discovering Almo Nature's cat litter:

"I did not think that I could find a product without a single fault. But we have found it. And it has changed the life of the whole family! We are delighted to share with you the story of our happy cats Kit & Kat!  Even if we found a cure for Kat's medical issue, we would not change the litter: it is really very good in every way, it changes our lives daily."

Cat Litter CatLitter
"Even if we found a cure for Kat's medical issue, we would not change the litter"

About Almo Nature's Cat Litter

Almo Nature CatLitter is a natural, biodegradable, compostable cat litter made of vegetable fibres that can be disposed of in the toilet. The starch in these fibres quickly produce clumps while enzymes neutralise the smell. The litter is free of dust, silica, synthetic chemicals and clay.The portable and compact 2.27kg bag is very efficient. Once the 2cm base of cat litter is established in the litter box, consumption is only 500g per week (based on a 4kg cat using a 30 x 40cm litter box). We have also recently launched a new 4.54kg bag for high-volume users.

If you have an Almo story to tell, we'd be delighted to hear all about it. Please do get in touch on our Facebook page.