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Extruded dry food needs to maintain the crunchiness it is necessary to add a flour of cereals, tubers (f.e. potatoes) or vegetables that allow the different ingredients to remain "in shape" - that happens also because of the starch content inside of these foods.
The starch element is necessary for the production of the kibbles.
In grain free foods, the starch is provided by adding potatoes, a tuber with a fairly high glycemic index, or vegetables, which are lacking in some essential amino acids which are needed as the body does not produce them. Among these we find tryptophan, an essential amino acid also important for mood regulation because it promotes the release of serotonin, the molecule of happiness.
In fact, it has been observed that serotonin in our pets, especially in dogs, is able to reduce anxiety and aggression (often linked to territoriality or the conquest of food).
Tryptophan is found naturally in fresh meat and fish used as ingredients for dry food recipes, but also in rice! In fact, rice is rich in tryptophan which is added to that present in proteins, increasing the possibility of its absorption and the consequent release of serotonin. In fact, rice is a gluten-free cereal, more digestible than corn & wheat, less protagonist of allergies and intolerance phenomena than other cereals.
A feeding routine based on meat, fish and rice will certainly be a good feeding routine for our animals, easily digestible which can also help from a behavioral point of view. Rice is therefore an ingredient that has an important role in the feeding routine of our animals.
HFC dry kibbles prepared with fresh meat and rice, both ingredients originally fit for human consumption but for commercial choices now used for the feeding of cats and dogs, are highly digestible and nutritionally balanced foods that support the well-being of our companion animals. Brown rice also guarantees a share of fiber useful for correct intestinal transit.

- Excellent source of digestible carbohydrates
- Gluten free
- Source of magnesium, phosphorus and potassium
- Source of tryptophan which contributes to the release of serotonin
- Brown rice gives fiber useful for correct intestinal transit