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Why you should include wet food in your dog’s diet

Why you should include wet food in your dog’s diet
The majority of animal companions will only consider kibble for their dog’s daily diet. But did you know that wet food can be just as beneficial to your dog’s well-being and increase their enjoyment of eating?

Wet food is not as commonly used as dry food but it definitely deserves your consideration. Let’s take a look at why:

- Wet food is tastier for dogs because of its intense smell. Dogs ‘eat’ with their noses first and foremost, making this an important factor to include in your decision-making process
- The soft textures are enjoyable on the palate
- The moisture inside makes it look more voluminous, which isn’t only pleasurable for the belly, it’s also pleasurable for the eyes
- It provides extra hydration, ideal for dogs who drink little

At Almo Nature, we advise to provide wet and dry food, ensuring a ratio of 20% wet food and 80% kibble. Simply add a small amount of wet food to their kibble, mixing it into every meal, elevating the feeding experience for you and them.

Do ensure you don’t exceed the daily dose of calories recommended by your vet so in case you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to give them a ring.

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