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5 things an explorer cat never forgets!

5 things an explorer cat never forgets!
The cat is certainly a curious animal, patrolling its territory to defend it against unwelcome guests, marking the area to stake its claim on the land while - at the same time – knowing the best spots to  hide away from prying eyes.In this article we discover the five things an explorer cat cannot give up!

1) Catching prey

Certainly, one of the favourite activities of a cat is predation! Lying in wait, stalking stealthily and silently, locating the prey's hiding place using its acute hearing, sharp eyesight and powerful sense of smell, and after a few tense moments – capture! After that, enjoying the feel of the prey between its paws before consuming it… it's an unforgettable experience for our cat! No matter if the prey is simply a ball or a favourite treat

2) The warmth of the summer sun and a hot spot in winter

A cat has a real passion for warmth, a visceral love for the sun's rays and the warmth of radiators. Add to that a high spot to view the world from without being seen or disturbed and the cat will be in kitty heaven

3) Smelling the world and our emotions

Not only can our cat smell everyday odours they can also smell our emotions thanks to the pheromones we give off. Don't be surprised, therefore, if your kitty lingers to smell your sweaty feet when you return home. Their slightly opened mouths and scrunched nose, an amusing sight, as they inhale, running the smell over their vomeronasal organ to read our chemical messages. For our cat it is an important sense: it smells us, our scent and also our mood, if we are happy, angry, sad etc. 

4) Discovering the different elements (earth, water, snow ...)

Let's not deprive our cats of the opportunity to experience the elements: let them explore with their paws or snout and have fun with the terrain, the freshly fallen snow, the water flowing from the tap etc. Small but wonderful experiences that will enrich their explorer natures. 

5) Interacting with other living species

We should remember that our cat is a relational species and that mixing with other cats and other species, such as dogs, man, birds, and fish, can be a rewarding experience for them. Get your cat used mixing with other animals from a young age in order to avoid them being afraid of other species when they're older!