For Cats, It's All About the Aroma!

For Cats, It's All About the Aroma!
Trying to predict a cat's taste preferences can often be a daunting task: while certain foods are incredibly successful, some are not even deemed fit to be sniffed, and others are only partially consumed by our demanding four-legged friends.
Here are some facts that might help you to better understand your cat's preferences:
  • ——For cats, their sense of smell has a vital role in attracting them to food and enabling them to actually taste it.
  • ——Cats have 470 taste buds compared to humans’ approximately 9,000 taste buds.
  • ——Feline taste receptors that react to meat and the fats contained in food are what drive a cat’s appetite—this helps them select foods that are fit for their strict carnivorous needs.
  • ——Their perception of bitterness helps them avoid potentially poisonous food
  • ——Increased moisture, protein, certain amino acids, and fat content—components that Almo Nature wet cat food is naturally rich in—are effective and proven methods to improve palatability.