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HQS Natural and HQS Complete Explained

HQS Natural and HQS Complete Explained

You may already know that HQS Natural and HQS Complete are our flagship, premium product lines of cat and dog food, but what else do you know about them?

But first let's talk about the HQS (High Quality Sourced) ingredients that go into these recipes. Simply put, we believe in quality first. After all, it's a lot easier to make nutritious, wholesome food when you start out with quality, fresh meat and fish. That's why we use ingredients that were originally fit for human consumption in our HQS recipes. That means, cuts of meat and fish that you'd serve at home, like chicken drumstick and tuna fillet. Pop open a can and you can see for yourself: meat and fish that looks like, well... meat and fish!

One other thing to know is that meat or fish is the first ingredient in all of our recipes. This ensures that your companion's meal is packed with high-quality protein.

Read on for more about HQS Natural and HQS Complete.

HQS Natural for cats and dogs is 100% natural and contains no additives. The supplemental recipes are made with high quality cuts of HQS meat and fish, naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. These recipes are an excellent choice for any cat and dog, but especially ideal for finicky cats or those who have sensitivities to recipes formulated with long lists of ingredients.


HQS Natural for Cats • Contains 69%-76% meat/fish in broth


Rotational Diet for Cats

In order to guarantee that your cat received the AAFCO-recommended daily nutrition, we recommend rotating HQS Natural with our complete and balanced recipes and/or a dry food of your choice. In addition, we recommend serving your cat a wide variety of protein sources, from chicken to tuna to duck and everything in between. Not only does this decrease the likelihood that your companion with develop picky eating habits, but it also makes for a more well-balanced diet. And with 21 HQS Natural recipes, there are many options for your companion to choose from!


HQS Natural for Dogs • Contains 60%-62% meat/fish in broth


Feeding Tips for Dogs

HQS Natural for dogs is a great source of high-quality protein and serves as a delectable and savory addition to a dry food of your choice or in conjunction with HQS Complete. Due to their appeal and palatability, these recipes are an especially good choice for enticing a dog with a decreased appetite to eat more. The recipes also contain rice, a great source of vitamin D, fiber, and iron

HQS Complete for cats and dogs has all of the advantages of HQS Natural with added vitamins and minerals for complete and balanced nutrition.



HQS Complete for Cats
• Contains 55%-60% meat/fish in gravy


We recommend rotating between different HQS Complete and HQS Natural cat recipes to provide your cat with a wide variety of protein in their diet.


HQS Complete for Dogs
• Contains 40%-45% meat/fish in gravy


Ideal for small to medium sized dogs, we recommend serving your dog a variety of HQS Complete and HQS Natural dog recipes and a dry dog food of your choice.