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Time to Reconnect with Nature

Time to Reconnect with Nature


One of the biggest challenges of our time is  protecting biodiversity.


It is no secret that our neglect of the natural environment is the root of our current situation. We've taken nature and biodiversity for granted by depleting resources and destroying natural habitats.


And in the process, we've lost our connection with nature. The past year has given us a moment to pause, re-evaluate and reflect upon everything we consider important. It has been an opportunity to reconnect with nature. But where do we start?


We start at the beginning. We observe it and make space for it in our lives. We take it seriously and let it guide us. If we truly want to understand and protect nature, we need to get up close and personal. Luckily, if you have a cat or dog companion, you don’t need to look far…


Cats and dogs have always maintained their connection to nature and kept their natural instincts, despite being domesticated by humans. At Almo Nature, we feel inspired by them and we let them influence our every decision, from what we put our recipes to the projects we support.


They are key in our efforts to reconnect with nature because they ARE nature, they are #NatureInside. What do we mean by Nature Inside?
It is the cat stalking a colourful butterfly that fluttered into the house and found a place to rest between the sofa and the lamp.

It is in the way cats move their bodies to slither among picture frames and ornaments on the shelf without stirring a single particle of dust.

It is in the look in their eyes and the noise they make when they see the outline of a fly on the windowpane.


That is what #NatureInside means.
It is our dog walking beside us, accompanying us wherever we go.

It is the way they greet up when we come home in the evening. It is in the way they raise their heads when they hear an unexpected noise. It is in everything they do… as if they want to remind us that we have been running and living side by side for centuries.


That is what #NatureInside means.
It is when we forget about everything else when we look at them and study their antics.
It is in the way we experience the world when we are in their company. It does not matter if that world is a picture book version of the natural environment or a concrete jungle existing out of streets, houses and furniture. Our companions have adapted seamlessly over the years without ever losing sight of the world around them. Their natural instincts and connection to nature have been maintained.


#NatureInside means reconnecting with the natural environment by truly seeing and experiencing it. Let it guide you and draw your everyday inspiration from it.
Take a leaf out of our book and start your own personal journey of reconnecting with nature.

What is #NatureInside to you?