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Vets Corner: A guide for surviving the Autumnal weather with your cat

Vets Corner: A guide for surviving the Autumnal weather with your cat
Autumn isn’t just hard for us humans, cats need a little extra care too.

Autumn has finally fully arrived with its myriad of colours and comfort food. The downside for the majority of us is toll the change in weather takes on our bodies from the sniffles to a full-blown flu. You just know it’s coming for you. Same goes for our feline friends, who enjoy autumn and the changes it brings, but they do need a little extra TLC.
When you have a cat, you may want to take some extra precautions to keep them healthy and happy in autumn. Our vet has listed some of the best cat and kitten care tips for making the most out of Autumn with your feline friend.

Cats shed more hair during Autumn than any other season, it’s simply peak moulting season. Just because it’s a natural process that doesn’t involve any pain, you can still make it as comfortable as possible for them. Brush them regularly to help remove the excess of dead hair.


Moulting and hairballs go hand in hand. An increase of hair loss means often also means an increase of hairballs. The aforementioned grooming sessions will help to reduce the number of hairballs but what can really make a difference is their food. Choose a product that specifically helps to reduce the formation of hairballs. The Almo Nature Holistic range includes a specific anti-hairball recipe that will provide a nutritionally balanced meal and reduce the number of hairballs because of its quality ingredients. .


Cats tend to sleep even more when it’s cold and windy outside. Despite the fact that most cats have their favourite spots already, providing a few extra soft and warm spots to have a snooze will definitely be welcome.
Older cats

Ageing cats also need a little more TLC during autumn. Like humans, older animals can get stiff and sore bones when the weather turns cold. Ensure their living quarters are comfortably warm and add some extra pillows and blankets to her favourite spots in the house.


This is probably a non-issue but make sure that the litterbox is in warm area. Cats don’t enjoy a bathroom that’s cold or affected by a cold draft.

Outdoor Hazards

Is your cat living outdoors or do they have access to a garden? Then make sure they don’t get sick by eating mouldy leaves, late blooming toxic plants or poisonous plants. If you’re worried they might have ingested something that they shouldn’t have, always contact your vet.
If you want to find out more about our vet’s advice for cats and dogs, click here. You will find the full range with detailed descriptions of each recipe on our product pages, if you want to find out more about our functional Holistic range. Join us on Facebook and let us know which recipe is your cat’s favourite!