HFC: natural wet recipes – Almo Nature tradition

HFC: natural wet recipes – Almo Nature tradition
HFC wet recipes are the traditional choice for a high-quality food for cats; the ideal solution to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Why choose these products?

1. Recipes that respect the cat's natureIn the wild, a cat's diet consists of small prey: mice, rodents, insects, amphibians, birds etc. Predator-like teeth and short digestive systems are the physical characteristics that enable the cat to metabolise its "wild" diet which is rich in liquids and proteins but low in carbohydrates – just like the HFC recipes.

2. The quality of ingredients – 100% HFC*All HFC recipes are prepared with wholly HFC* ingredients i.e. ingredients originally fit for human consumption: the highest quality of natural, fresh meat.

3. The variety of recipesThe chicken, fish, meat and shellfish in the HFC lines provides a full range of protein sources perfect to ensure a diverse intake of essential amino acids, which are key to providing our cats with a balanced diet in compliance with the nutritional advice of Almo Nature.HFC recipes are:

  • Genuine: the ingredients are simply cooked, packaged and preserved in their cooking broth
  • Appetising and digestible: thanks to the prime cuts of meat, HFC recipes are tasty and easily digestible
  * Almo Nature has named the ingredients originally fit for human consumption (according to Regulation (CE) No 1069/2009 article 10, paragraph a) “HFC"

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