A Pet Is For Life becomes A Companion Animal Is For Life

A Pet Is For Life becomes A Companion Animal Is For Life

To respect their point of view

We strongly believe that “pet" is not the right word to describe the relationship we envision between humans and cats and dogs. Our solidarity projects, and our philosophy to look at the world through their eyes, tell us that we as humans have to realize what it really means to take care of a cat or a dog. Cats and dogs are not like toys that you can buy in a shop, keep for your own pleasure and leave in the corner, destroy or give away once you get bored or grow out of it. We shouldn't treat them like machines to “produce" puppies and kittens for human pleasure. Instead, we need to understand their nature, respect them and commit to them in every phase of their life.For us, the word, “pet," does not live up to the bond that is needed between humans and cats and dogs. The expression, “companion animal," in contrast, describes much better the partnership of mutual respect that we have in mind when we are talking about cats and dogs. Also, the European Council, as well as the European Commission that is working on a  European-wide registration for cats and dogs, is using the word, “companion animal,"  rather than “pets."

How will “A Companion Animal Is For Life" continue?

We are only changing the name of the project. All related activities and all partnerships that we have developed will not be affected. Our only wish by changing the name is to raise awareness and comprehension of the relationship between humans and companion animals and communicate our philosophy in a better way.To find out more about A Companion Animal Is For Life and the project goals, click here.

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