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Summer + Cat + Feeding routine… what's the best approach?

Summer + Cat + Feeding routine… what's the best approach?
The summer is just around the corner with its glorious weather and sunshine. A time to enjoy but also a time to be extra vigilant around your companion animal. Cats and dogs can overheat just like humans can, so it’s important to take a few measures to ensure they’re equipped to handle it. This blog will help you with some general tips and insights.

You can start with their daily feeding routine by including nutritious foods that are full of proteins and keep them hydrated throughout the day:

Water: ensure there are always one or more bowls available to drink fresh water from (a fountain can be very useful too).
Wet food: wet recipes should be your go-to option during this period, especially if they’re enriched with broth, providing the food with even more liquids. Your cat will appreciate this!
Kibble: put out a small bowl overnight when the temperatures are cooler. The cat is a nocturnal hunter and might actually appreciate the gesture! You can provide a nutritionally balanced feeding routine this way, especially if you prefer to feed them complementary recipes during the day time.

Some cats need a little encouragement to eat in summer, and the more moisture the food contains, the better. It will surely help them to eat. Some of Almo Nature’s HFC recipes can help keep your cat hydrated during the hottest period of the year. It goes without saying that fresh water is essential on top of wet food and should always be provided fresh.
Let's take a look at some of the HFC recipes that provide the most hydration and their other characteristics.

HFC Natural
Our most traditional and well-known line of wet recipes: prepared with natural ingredients that are steamed before they’re packaged. They provide plenty of hydration and are available in tins as well as pouches. The best thing? There are many complementary recipes to choose from.

HFC Jelly
Similar to the Natural range, the ingredients are steamed and then packaged, but we’ve added a natural gelling agent, which transforms the cooking broth into a delicious jelly that traps the water inside, ensuring natural hydration during the meal. In addition, gelatin helps to eliminate hairballs.

HFC Light Meal
These recipes are ideal for cats with a decreased appetite in summer, who end up leaving scraps in the bowl that you have to throw away. These HFC recipes come in the natural flavours your cat loves, just in a smaller format to help you reduce waste.

Take a look at our recipes on our product overview page! Also check out our other articles on the blog.

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