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Where do cats hide themselves? 10 places

Where do cats hide themselves? 10 places
Where do cats hide themselves? It's a recurring question for owners often driven to distraction by concern or just impatience for their feline to show up. In fact, cats are experts in the art of vanishing; true illusionists of the animal world, they are able to find refuge in the most unexpected places.Discover some options to seriously consider when our cat is nowhere to be found, excluding the obvious hiding places such as boxes, an irresistible passion for felines. 
  1. Vegetation 

The cat has preserved its wild nature and thus also its passion for wild games including the game of camouflage – hiding in dry leaves or shrubs.
  1. Pipes and ventilation ducts

Among the places cats hide themselves are pipes and ventilation ducts: warmth and minimal interruptions are assured; furthermore, the felines don't have to compromise on comfort with their flexible bodies able to mould to the shape of the pipes.
  1. Trees and roofs

Have you ever seen a cat being rescued from a tree or roof? Why you might ask? Fear most probably! Our feline friends are no strangers to climbing the highest peaks but they seem to fear the descent.
  1. Radiator

Heat, tight spaces and privacy are guaranteed: radiators are one of the most popular refuges of cats despite the apparent discomfort of the location.
  1. Drawers and wardrobes 

Larger than boxes and filled with soft and fragrant objects belonging to the owners, drawers, wardrobes and cabinets are really loved by domestic felines. So if you don't want missing kitties, always check that you have closed your units to avoid accidentally trapping the cat inside.
  1. Behind the curtains

Owning a cat, you will probably be familiar with spotting a suspicious bump or two furry paws lurking behind your curtains: here, behind the drapes, the cat has privacy and shelter, both essential elements of the wild nature of the animal often unjustly accused of opportunism.
  1. Bookcase

Bookcases are also perfect hiding places for cats. Here the felines can roll themselves into a ball, camouflaged among the volumes and enjoying a privileged view.
  1. Appliances

Be careful leaving washing machines or dryer doors open, here's why. Cats like to squeeze into cavities and boxes and will not make the distinction between the two, even with fragrant laundry inside.
  1. Car engines

Cats are particularly clever when seeking warmth, especially homeless cats. For this reason, they can be found hiding under cars near the exhaust pipes or, in extreme cases, in the engine.
  1. Other houses

If you can't find your cat in one of the hiding places named above, your beloved pet may have wandered next door to your neighbour's garage or garden.