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7 great ways to help cats and dogs across Europe

7 great ways to help cats and dogs across Europe

As a pro-benefit company, we aim to make a real difference for animals. We are concerned about the way animals are treated across Europe and beyond. Our Companion Animal For Life projects addresses issues and actively seeks to offer solutions: we collaborate with shelters in order to promote responsible adoption, and we actively support their efforts. But we can’t do it alone and we want to build a community of like minded people that will help and support our different goals.  

Are you looking to help but not sure how to? We’ve got you covered


Adopt a companion animal instead of buying an animal from a breeder. Not only will you rescue an animal waiting for a new home, you will also ensure that you’re not contributing to the illegal pet trade or puppy mills. Read more about reasons to adopt a cat or adopt a dog.

Educate and inform

Tell your friends and family about the issues concerning cats and dogs by actively sharing our content. Just to name an example: around 560,00 puppies are born in the UK on a yearly basis and there aren’t enough homes for them. The majority of animals will end up in shelters or in some occasions, out on the streets. It is therefore always important to adopt and not shop for a new companion. Shelters are full of animals that desperately need a new home, shelters home a wide range of animals, including kittens and puppies. And for those who already have a companion animal, talk about the importance of spaying and neutering animals to prevent unwanted litters and helps to reduce the number of unwanted animals in shelters. It even helps to protect wildlife in some cases.

Swap gifts for donations

Whether it’s for a birthday, an anniversary or some other kind of celebration, why not ask your loved ones to donate money or goods to an animal welfare association or shelter instead. It's a great way to do something for animals in need and help people who dedicate all their time and efforts to help animals. Some shelters will also accept physical objects such as blankets, toys, baskets, and food.

Foster an animal

Fosters take on a really important role for animals, as well as shelters. Foster families create a safe haven for animals who need some time away from a busy shelter. Think of animals recovering from an injury or a kitten who needs to grow in a quiet environment. Read more about fostering on our blog.

Spread the word

Follow shelters and animal welfare organisations on Instagram and Facebook and share their content. The majority of shelters have social media profiles and use these to connect with people who might be looking to adopt a companion, or who might be looking to support animal welfare projects in any other way. Most shelters and associations work with volunteers and a limited budget so they can use all the help they can get.


Make sure you interact with charities, policymakers, campaigners, and politicians who are active in the animal welfare industry. Encourage them to push for better animal welfare standards by signing petitions, writing letters, and interacting through social media. Make sure that those who are capable of affecting real change, know how important these topics are.

Get off the sofa

Raise awareness for animals by doing something, anything to get your family and friends talking about animal welfare. Run a marathon or organise a bake sale. Anything that will attract the attention in a positive and engaging way.

Want to know more about our projects for animals? Visit our website or reach out to us via our social media pages.