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Holistic for cats: same quality, new look

Holistic for cats: same quality, new look

Our Holistic range for cats is a complete nutritional approach offering a range of maintenance and functional recipes to suit every cat’s need. You might’ve already noticed that the dry line with fresh meat and fresh fish, as well as the wet food line have a completely new look and feel.

 We didn’t just stop at rebranding the packaging, we also worked on some of the recipes so that all Holistic kibble recipes with fresh meat and fresh fish now contain 26% fresh meat or fresh fish. And as if that wasn’t enough, we also added two new products to the line: Digestive Help & Urinary Help (in 2kg and 400g). The wet food line was upgraded as well by rebranding the packaging for our existing 70g pouches and adding a brand-new line of 85g tins, which includes a recipe that’s specifically developed for senior cats (7+). 

Holistic kibble with fresh meat or fresh fish

   The packaging has changed but the Holistic quality remains the same. Are you wondering what makes the quality of Holistic recipes stand out? We’ve summarised it here for you: 
Four functional recipes that cater to your cat’s specific needs, at a specific time in their life: anti- hairball, digestive help, urinary help, and sterilisedOne maintenance line in 5 different recipes to suit every cat The number one ingredient is fresh meat or fresh fishIt is enriched with vitamins and minerals to increase the nutritional value No concealed ingredients: the recipes are free from GMOs and developed without any artificial colouring or chemical preservativesFlavourful: there is a range of flavours to choose from Suitable for all agesDry food recipes with fresh meat and fresh fish contain up to 48% meat, of which 26% is fresh meat

Holistic wet food

  Holistic wet food recipes offer a varied and complete food, loved by cats of all breeds and ages. The natural, easy to digest recipes combine premium meat or fish with vitamins, minerals, and other essential ingredients that help to maintain a healthy digestive system, healthy skin, and a shiny coat. All wet recipes contain quality meat or fish and are full of premium animal proteins, making them extremely tasty. The wet recipes are a complete food with functional and nutritional benefits that help to keep your cat hydrated. They are now available in pouches and tins, in a recognisable package. 
Maintenance –a complete food providing nourishment to satisfy a cat’s daily nutritional needs. The maintenance recipes are all grain free and use premium animal proteins and other nutrients. Available in tins of 85g, in 5 different flavours.  Urinary Help –a complete food that helps maintaining healthy urinary tracts due to low levels of magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus combined with glucosamine. Available in tins of 85g and pouches of 70g, in 4 different flavours. The 85g tin is a grain free recipe.  Digestive Help - complete daily food for adult cats, formulated with prebiotics that contribute to good intestinal health. Available in tins of 85g and pouches of 70g, in 4 different flavours. The 85g tins is a grain free recipe.  Holistic Kitten - a complete food for kittens, as well as for pregnant and nursing queens. The recipe is gluten free and available in tins of 85g.  Anti-Hairball - a complete food that helps to avoid the formation of hairballs. Available in pouches of 70g, in 2 different flavours.  Sterilised - a complete food for adult cats. Adding an adequate amount of fibre helps controlling their weight, making it an ideal food for sterilised cats. Available in tins of 85g and pouches of 70g, in 3 different flavours. The 85g tin recipes are gluten free.  Senior - a complete food for cats aged 7 years and over. Steam cooked with high value biological proteins. The recipe is gluten free and available in tins of 85g. 
But there is so much more that makes the Holistic range stand out….We are owned by the animals and always take a look from their point of view when developing new recipes. Products are created with the utmost respect for their daily needs and requirements, but also in respect of their natural habitat and fellow felines: 
Conscious packaging: the Holistic wet and dry food lines are packaged in different sizes, ensuring a tasty meal whilst minimising waste Different functional recipes for cats: making sure every need is catered for Not tested on animals

We give 100% of all profits to projects that support the protection of cats, dogs, and biodiversity

 Do you want to find out more about the Holistic kibble with fresh meat and fresh fish for cats? Download the full leaflet and find your cat’s new favourite recipe. You will find the full range with detailed descriptions of each recipe on our product pages, and the Holistic kibble with fresh meat and fresh fish for dogs here. Join us on Facebook and let us know which recipe is your cat’s favourite!