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The advantages of a 100% natural cat litter

The advantages of a 100% natural cat litter
Most of the litters we find on the market are cheap and easy to find. Unfortunately, many of them are based on silica, the powder of which is one the leading causes of respiratory problems today and is a possible carcinogen too. Bentonite is another substance widely used in cat litters for its absorbency power, but it can cause serious damage if ingested by mistake. Clay seems to be a natural choice, but it is a non-biodegradable so is not kind to the environment.In addition, many cat litters often contain synthetic fragrances that can be annoying for our cat's sensitive sense of smell.

lettiera naturale rispetta l'olfatto sensibile dei gatti


The benefits of a 100% natural cat litter

But what are the benefits of a natural cat litter compared to a standard litter?

Firstly, it is safer for the cat and the whole family: made with vegetable fibres and without any additives, a 100% plant-based litter is entirely free from toxins or toxic dust so is completely safe.

It has great clumping power: the starch naturally contained in the fibres clumps fast meaning it's more effective against odours. Synthetic fragrances, which may upset your cat, will not be necessary because smells are immediately neutralised by the enzymes present in the litter.

It's environmentally friendly: it is estimated that each cat uses approximately 220kg of litter per year and the majority of litters on the market today are not biodegradable.

Choosing to use a natural litter is an eco-friendly option, so much better for the environment. A plant litter when disposed of in the bin, does not contribute to environmental damage but breaks down safely and naturally.

It is also easier to dispose of: being totally biodegradable the litter guarantees environmentally friendly disposal; soiled clumps can easily and safely be disposed of in the toilet or in the compost heap.


CatLitter, the brand-new litter from Almo Nature

CatLitter is the litter from Almo Nature designed to meet your and your cat's every need. It's a 100% vegetable, biodegradable litter. It is totally free from additives, added fragrances or toxic agents and offers all the benefits of a plant litter. Everyone who has tried it loved it! CatLitter is also loved by cats – our most demanding customers! The ultra-fine texture is soft under their paws and it doesn't stick to their fur or legs.In short, CatLitter it is not only better for the environment, it has been endorsed by cat owners and their cats. Try it yourself – we think you'll love it!